Utility Tree Services

Serving Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, our company is the largest locally owned tree service in the area

At Capital Tree Service, we specialize in the unique challenges of utility tree services. Our team is led by Certified Utility Arborists, extensively trained to trim trees safely around high voltage power lines. We play a crucial role in maintaining uninterrupted power supply, especially during storms, by preventing outages caused by overgrown branches and fallen trees.

Keeping the Lights On

When storms loom and outages threaten, Capital Tree Service is your reliable partner. Our skilled arborists are dedicated to trimming and removing trees along power lines to ensure a stable electrical grid. By proactively addressing potential risks, we help keep homes and businesses connected when they need it the most.

Swift Emergency Response

Nature’s unpredictability can lead to fallen trees and power disruptions. In emergencies, our trained crew swiftly removes fallen trees and restores power. With efficiency and expertise, we minimize downtime and restore normalcy to communities.

Why Choose Capital Tree Service?

  • Certified Utility Arborists: Our team is certified and skilled in safely working around utility lines, prioritizing safety for all.
  • Storm Preparedness: Our proactive tree maintenance minimizes storm-related outages.
  • Emergency Ready: We’re on standby to handle fallen trees and restore power quickly.
  • Trusted Partnerships: From utility companies to municipalities, we’re the go-to choice for maintaining power distribution networks.

Contact Us Today

For all your utility tree needs, trust Capital Tree Service. Our Certified Utility Arborists are dedicated to ensuring a reliable power supply, no matter the weather. Reach out today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you.