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Tree Support Systems

Serving Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, our company is the largest locally owned tree service in the area

As certified arborists, sometimes the staff of Capital Tree Service will find a tree in need of extra physical support.  Due to age, damage or disease, the tree may be at risk of breakage in the crown or failure in the root system. The solution may involve support systems to leaders, individual branches, or entire trees. 


Wire cables used to stabilize and restrict movement within different parts of the tree, such as across a weak crotch, or on overextended branches. Often the stabilization requires the use of more than one cable, and a cabling system can take a variety of forms, depending on the structure of the tree. Where a lightning protection system is in place, the cabling system must connect to the lightning protection system.


Bracing is the preferred method of treating structural weaknesses in the trunk of a tree. It consists of rods inserted where a trunk splits into two or more leaders that are moving sideways in relation to each other, or spreading apart. Braces can also repair a split crotch or branch. Often braces and cables are used together to provide extra layers of support. 


Guying refers to the practice of installing a cable between the tree in need of support and an external anchor, to reduce tree movement. Trees that have unstable root systems or that have tilted with age are typical candidates for guying. Depending on circumstances, a ground anchor or a nearby tree anchor can be appropriate choices to support the guyed tree.

In all cases, safety is a key concern. Support systems are not fail-safe, and each system must be inspected and maintained. 

A certified arborist such as Capital Tree Service should be your first choice to install tree support systems. We can judge where the structural weakness originates in a tree, and design the appropriate support. We can also determine where supports are not the right solution.