Soil amendment and improvement

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The best way to improve the overall health and longevity of your trees is to give them the nutrients they need. At Capital Tree Service, we believe that this preventative treatment is the best plan of action for your trees. In combination with soil decompaction, amending and improving the composition of your soil delivers long-term benefits and keeps your trees healthy and growing.


Place mulch around the base of a tree to prevent water run-off and promote absorption of water into the soil, keep weeds at bay, and add needed organic material. Mulches contain dead plant material such as leaves, bark, grass clippings and compost, all of which decompose and become part of the soil.

Vertical mulching

Vertical mulching takes place in combination with soil decompaction, delivering organic material below the soil surface through a grid of vertical holes placed every 5-8 cm within the dripline of the tree.

Radial trenching is another way to deliver nutrients below the soil surface. In this method, we create narrow trenches around the base of the tree from trunk to root tip, like the spokes of a wheel. Excavated soil is replaced with nutrient-rich compost to revitalize the soil around the root area.

Severely stressed trees may require more immediate access to nutrients in order to survive. Where prescribed, synthetic fertilizers can add that quick injection of nutrients and promote more rapid recovery.

Work with experts on soil composition and improvement for a great return on your tree investment. Call Capital Tree Service.