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Fertilization – the practice of delivering nutrients to plants so they will grow and stay healthy – is particularly important for trees that have been selected and planted in street and landscape environments. If the tree is not native to the area, it may be used to a different type of soil. Often nutrient recycling – allowing plant material such as leaves to decay in place – is not aesthetically pleasing. For these situations, a fertilizer schedule will benefit your trees. 

Capital Tree Service believes in regular maintenance and fertilization of your treasured landscape, and we use a variety of methods to deliver nutrients to your trees.

Soil fertilization

Spreading granular fertilizer on the soil under the dripline of the tree is one of the easiest and most effective ways of delivering nutrients to the root system. Particularly where there is a mulched area or ground cover, soil fertilization is a recommended method. In areas where turf is the ground cover, lawn fertilizer will also soak into the tree root system, lessening the need for addition fertilizer specifically for the tree. 

Foliar fertilization:

For a quick green-up, particularly at the beginning of the growing season, some trees benefit from a liquid fertilizer. This method is particularly effective for making minor nutrient adjustments, using micronutrient solutions.

Deep root fertilization:

For delivery of nutrients deep into the soil, we recommend liquid soil injection, also known as deep root fertilization. With this method, liquid fertilizer is injected 20-30 cm into the soil at injection points 60 cm – 1 m apart. This allows the root system to absorb the nutrients evenly. Slow-release deep root fertilizers are also available.