Arborist Consulting Service

Serving Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, our company is the largest locally owned tree service in the area

If planning an addition to your home or subdividing / developing a lot with in Greater Victoria you likely will be required to have a Professional Arborist on site. We can help, from completing a full tree inventory to supervising an excavation or meeting with the Municipal Arborist representative.

At Capital Tree Service, we’re arborists, qualified to give advice about tree health, tree maintenance, and protecting trees where construction is taking place. We guide decision making that goes beyond “remove” or “retain”, instead providing a variety of options for consideration. There are times when it’s possible to reach a “win-win” scenario, even when dealing with multiple interests such as developers, neighbours, town councils and tree retention advocates.

We also offer Resistograph testing.

Our team holds ISA certification, which means that our arborists are trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of arboriculture, and have passed the certification exam. We abide by the code of ethics for ISA Certified Arborist, so our clients and other stakeholders can count on our integrity.