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A Holistic Approach to Tree and Plant Health Care

Capital Tree Service takes a holistic approach to tree care following the principles of Plant Health Care (PHC). PHC is a comprehensive and holistic approach to manage the health, structure and appearance of landscape plants and trees. In the past problems in the landscape were often reactive in nature, PHC attempts to prevent problems before they occur.


Our highly trained Certified Arborists (ISA, TCIA, and/or BCIT Certified Arborists) know that trees cannot be viewed in isolation – they are dynamic living beings – elements of a landscape that includes soil, grass, shrubbery, and hardscape. They interact and sometimes compete with other plants for light, food, water, and space.


Our proven proactive and results-based approach to Tree Care involves thorough planning, analysis, and application of a wide range of practices to formulate an Appropriate Response Process.

A fallen tree in front of a house.

24 Hour Emergency Tree Service

In the event of a tree emergency

Trust Capital Tree Service’s knowledgeable staff to address your needs quickly and expertly.

With specialized equipment and crews on standby, we can assess and address your emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We specialize in:

Arborist Consulting Services

If planning an addition to your home or subdividing / developing a lot with in Greater Victoria you likely will be required to have a Professional Arborist on site.

We can help, from completing a full tree inventory to supervising an excavation or meeting with the Municipal Arborist representative.


Capital Tree Service Can Help With:

Tree Service

When the unexpected occurs to your trees, trust Capital Tree Service’s professional arborists for emergency tree service in Victoria BC.

Tree Pruning
& Shaping

We will work with you to develop the best trimming and pruning plan to achieve both an aesthetically pleasing look and to prevent future problems.

Tree Reduction
/ Removal

Our experts can determine if a tree can be saved by reducing its size or whether it needs to be removed.

Utility Tree

Our team consists of Certified Utility Arborists, trained specifically in safely trimming trees around utility lines.


Our expert arborists use special equipment to apply the eco-friendly spray and customize the solution to your specific needs.

Tree Preservation
and Protection Plans

We offer guidance regarding the care and protection of trees before, during, and after construction.

Construction and
Development Services

Count on us for guidance during the planning and operational phases of construction


A report by an arborist is a formal document that provides an overview of a site’s trees

Tree Risk

A qualified arborist will inspect trees to assess their health and risk factors


We specialize in soil, foliar and deep root fertilization

Disease and Pest

Proactive monitoring and management of tree diseases and pests

Tree Support

Cabling, Bracing and Guying tree support systems

Protection Systems

Installation of air terminals, conductors, and grounding terminals is our specialty

Tree and Landscape

For tree and landscaping selection and installation, trust CTS

Soil Amendment
and Improvement

Provide a better environment for your tree’s roots


Mechanical and pneumatic soil decompaction services


Mechanical, Pneumatic, and Hydro excavation in Protected Root Zones


We offer excellent quality firewood in Victoria BC. Give us a call at (250) 415-7244 or contact us for more details

Mulch Sales

Our wood chip mulch, including recycled bark, eucalyptus, and pine bark, promotes microorganism activity and enhances soil nutrients

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Proud Owners Of

Specialized Equipment

We are the proud owners of backyard insulated booms that will fit through a 36” gate with a 72’ boom/ reach, and our 125’ insulated boom with ability to operate as a crane, the largest boom in the province.

A crew is working on a tree in front of the legislature buildings in Victoria BC


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